4 Great Reasons to Become More Agile.

Your teams will tune in to deliver services and products your customers really value

So your customers will be delighted they are listened to

And your products and services should fit your customer needs like a glove

Then your customers will scramble to use your products or services. Before your competitors have blinked!

A Methodical Approach to Become More Agile


Find a Way Forward

Using our Agile Diagnostic tool, we’ll pinpoint the best route forwards for your Agile journey

The first step to achieve your Agile journey is to diagnose the current state of your team’s practices. Using the FREE Perfect Agile diagnostic tool, we’ll work closely with your team to agree on a pathway to improvement.

Experiment & Coach

Take Action to Improve

No time like the present. Now get your whole team involved trying out Agile techniques

Once your team’s Agile practice is assessed, it’s time to get them involved in a regular cycle of experimental improvements. Its important at this stage to get an Agile Coach involved to support and guide the team through this period of intensive development.


Review & Calibrate

Now stop for a moment. Honestly review your teams progress and adjust your plan

To keep improving, your team needs to take time out to constantly reflect on the formula of Agile tools and practices which are generating successful outcomes. From reflection comes the next wave of diagnosis on progress and further experiments to achieve improvement.

perfect agile services

Agile Diagnostic

The starting point for your agile journey

100 Point Agile Assessment

Developed with Your Team

Strengths & Weaknesses Identified

Key Recommendations Made

Visualised Feedback to Take Away

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Agile Coaching

To fuel your Agile journey

On site,face to face

Supporting product & service teams

Partnering with leaders

Catalyst to inspire change

1 Week Minimum Engagement

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Agile Training

Intensive training for all levels (Dates TBC)

Hands-on Agile training

Learn through simulation

Less games, more real tools

For leaders and product/service teams

More practice, less theory

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10% off Agile coaching services

We want 2017 to be a hugely successful year for you

Book a minimum of 7 days Agile Coaching services during the month of January and you will receive a 10 percent reduction in the normal day rate. This equates to a promotional day rate of £675 per day (ex VAT)

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